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You need a second medical opinion for a Diagnosis, a Treatment or
an Intervention. We find for you the best Expert

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Our mission since 1963: we bring our clients from
distress to relief, anytime, anywhere

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Get an Expert Second Medical Opinion by Europ Assistance

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Our goal is to give everyone access
to accurate and personalized
medical information

  • Accurate information

    More and more patients are diagnosed with either critical illnesses, chronic diseases or new poorly known diseases and wish to have accurate information on their condition.

  • Access for all

    Expert Second Medical Opinion services are not anymore reserved to wealthy people only. Requests for access to state-of-the art medical services are growing, and Europ Assistance is encouraging its partners to include this benefit into their plans and products (insurers, banks, financial institutions, corporations, etc.).

  • Personalized

    Patients have access to a wealth of information on the internet and from their treating medical team but wish to have this information analyzed, validated and explained by top of the class medical experts.

Europ Assistance opens the door to access to
the top national, regional and international
medical experts

  • Nationwide

    Accessing the best experts in the patient’s country. Europ Assistance is present in 35 countries and has high level professional connections in all countries vital to make this program the best. Our 442 medical professionals have identified and selected peers in both their respective country and critical countries for our program for a quick access to the best expertise available nationwide.

    The expert second medical opinion is provided in writing to our client. If requested by the client and relevant according to the medical opinion, a physical appointment and/or a patient transfer can be facilitated and/or organized with/to the medical expert by Europ Assistance.

  • Regionally and/or internationally

    Accessing the best international experts for a state-of-the-art medical opinion.

    Europ Assistance has been working for 50 years+ with the largest and most renowned hospitals in the world, where the best experts are practicing and is in a position to identify and activate the best suited specialists for any type of medical case.

    The expert second medical opinion is provided in writing to our client. If requested by the client and relevant according to the medical opinion, a patient transfer can be facilitated and / or organized to a center of excellence in the region or to a chosen covered destination by Europ Assistance.

How it works

  • 01
    • A patient is diagnosed with a medical condition and has questions for a medical expert.
    • The patient submits question(s) and medical records to receive an expert opinion with the support of our Care Manager. 
  • 02
    • Our Care Manager and medical team review the documents and prepare a clinical summary.
    • We select the most appropriate medical expert, who analyzes the file and issues a written medical report within 10 to 15 working days.
  • 03
    • Our Care Manager shares the second medical opinion report with the patient
    • The patient can ask for clarifications in case of need.

Our programs

  • Critical illnesses

    Our Expert Second Medical Opinion program is primarily designed to cover critical and/or severe illnesses. There are standard lists of critical illnesses made available by the insurance industry, with up to 36 critical illnesses that we have included in our program.

    A selection can be made within such a list by our partners according to their own estimates of the end client needs.

  • Chronic diseases

    The list of critical illnesses can be extended to include Expert Second Medical Opinion for chronic diseases. As a standard, we include chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cardiac failure and diabetes.

  • Interventions

    Our Expert Second Medical Opinion program is also requested by our Partners for end clients prior to any elective surgery or invasive procedure. Spine, joints or gastrointestinal disorders are usual medical concerns that we propose, but these are not limitative.

Our Expert Second Medical Opinion program is not designed for emergency decisions and implies that the client can wait few weeks to get an answer (the consolidation of the medical records usually takes some time despite the support by our Care Managers; the average turn-around-time once the medical file is completed is 8 to 10 working days).

And much more 24/7

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  • Teleconsultation

    Teleconsultation with a Europ Assistance doctor: talk to a doctor to answer general questions. To be explained medical results can help and reduce the stress of the patient.

  • Psychological support

    Psychological support to the patient and its relatives so that they do not remain alone in the face of fears and misunderstanding of the disease and its consequences on social life.

  • Appointment with a specialist

    Get an appointment for a physical visit with a specialist: we book for the patient an appointment with a specialist in the patient’s country. Several options will be proposed.

  • Advanced exams or treatment abroad

    Go for advanced exams or treatment abroad: we organize, and, depending on programs, cover the costs for the travel, accommodation and treatment out of the patient’s country in excellence healthcare facilities.

  • Genetic testing

    Genetic testing for risk assessment & better prevention (in authorized countries only): the patient can better understand his / her risk profile for the most common hereditary cancers and receive information about specific steps to lower the risk. Programs available: cancer genetic screening, nutrition, pharmacology.

Why our
product has
added value

  • Volumes and diversity

    We have been managing medical cases all over the world for 50+ years with our own medical teams to optimize the patients’ care and have developed our own medical networks worldwide (we provide medical assistance services to 1,2M+ people in the world every year)

  • Experience

    We have 10+ years’ experience in second medical opinion (US, Western Europe and CEE Region) and in Travel for Treatment (T4T), accompanying almost 1,000+ patients a year, arranging all services, from logistics, to treatment observance after the patient is back home.

  • High-value network

    We have strong relationships with experts we recruit in our network: we do not seek to artificially list thousands of experts but to develop close relationships with the best ones, available to analyze our patients’ cases and deliver a report on time with a comprehensive analysis and well-focused recommendations.

  • A secured and vetted process

    Our recruitment process is secured thanks to a peer-to-peer special relationship with our internal medical teams, and in case of severe and rare cases, the choice of the expert is managed through a collegial case assessment of our Group Medical Department.

  • Data Protection

    Patient’s medical data are secured all along the process. Our solution is fully HIPAA and GDPR compliant. We always process data with the formal consent of the patient and transparently share documents and communications.

The value of an expert second medical opinion

The benefits for our partners

Including our Expert Second Medical Opinion program as a benefit in your plan is not only a question of differentiation. It is also a way to show your customers that you care for people, that you understand that a medical condition can be very impactful in their life and that, for you, as your client, they deserve obtaining the best experts’ opinion.

  • Insurers and Health Systems
    • Helping a patient taking the best appropriate decision regarding a treatment or a surgery
    • Assuring the cost of care, especially for critical conditions requiring heavy treatment, is spent on purpose, giving the best chance of survival or recovery
    • Proving your customers, the quality of your healthcare plan or life policy and the value they represent
  • Banks & financial institutions
    • Supporting a customer who discovers a critical illness and / or that he / she needs a surgery
    • Including into credit plans useful high-end services dedicated to rare and complex medical conditions
    • Reassuring customers when they engage for long-term credit or senior customers feeling more vulnerable to healthcare incidents
  • Corporations
    • Enriching the Employee Benefits plan of the company
    • Daring recruiting talents with a long-term disease or critical illness or enabling them to access to missions abroad
    • Including the program in the CSR plan and develop positive communication
The value of a second medical opinion

The benefits for the patient

Health is priceless to everyone. Would you live in a country where best facilities are available, best experts might not be easily accessible. Would you live in a country where medical services are poorly developed, the expertise related to your medical condition might not exist.

  • Avoiding waiting times for access to expertise about elective surgery (non-emergency) or critical illness.

  • Accessing the best health experts in your country, in your region, in the world.

  • Being reassured about a diagnosis or getting confirmation of severity with full explanations.

  • Being informed about other options regarding a condition.

  • Helping to make a decision concerning a treatment or a surgery advised to the patient during a primary consultation.

We always recommend that the report from our medical expert is shared by the patient with his / her treating physician / medical team.

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